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Efficient logistics system has a great impact on a company effectiveness and its market position. In times of competitiveness and rising prices, logistics cost reduction is one of key elements for gaining lead on the market. Logistics not only influences economic effectiveness of a company, but also its Customer service level. This is the reason why it is so important to find an appropriate partner who merges knowledge with hands-on experience.

To our Customers we offer consulting and logistics services in the following areas:

 - Transport management,
 - Stock analysis and optimization,
 - Distribution planning and organizing,
 - Logistics costs analysis,
 - Supply chain optimization,
 - Warehouse management.

Profits for our Customer:

 - Efficient logistics system,
 - Costs reduction,
 - Inventory optimization,
 - Fostering of market position.

Our warehouse management service covers:

 - Finished products storage,
 - Warehouse inventory accounting,
 - Stock inventory monitoring,
 - Warehouse inventory reporting.

With our services we offer:

 - Transport of full and partial truck loads,
 - National distribution,
 - Just In Time deliveries,
 - Transport management.

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